Getting Started with GETTING THINGS DONE - 2014 - in 28 steps

Amendment: Getting started with GTD is much easier if you have a buddy. Preferably, two buddies, and experienced GTDer buddy, and someone who is at the same experience level as you in implementing GTD. See GTD buddy system for more … Continue reading

Dropbox … I’ve gotta go back …

As I was constructing the  GTD Time-Lapse post I mentioned in passing that Google Drive is not as reliable as Dropbox. After I finished the post I went back and looked at Google Drive more carefully. In the beginning was Dropbox … Continue reading

GTD Modularity: What is Up With That?

GTD hit me like a ton of bricks. Modularity bricks that impacted my skull in this order: Paperless reference filing with Evernote and a ScanSnap. If you don’t have it, uneedit. One idea, one piece of paper. Indulge your brain, organize to … Continue reading

Number 3 Reason GTDers Don’t Use Evernote … after installing Evernote

TLDR: Why people set up and then don’t use Evernote The first reason is that implementing GTD changes too many things at once. So, Evernote, even if it is installed and working, won’t be used. Evernote is a sub-casualty of … Continue reading

What is Evernote Web Clipper?

Web Clipper is … Evernote has a web page at that shows you how Web Clipper works, and, what you can do with Web Clipper. I have not read Evernote’s entire web site, but it seems to me that Evernote … Continue reading

Dungeon Desk

Source: 13th Age via Introduction: When was the last time you stopped working in your office, and started working on your office? Kind of like the E-Myth idea of not working your business and instead working on your business. … Continue reading

3″x5″ Cards and Manila Folder GTD Startup

Introduction: I had a request after yesterday’s post on clutter, to show the basic 3”x5” card and manila folder system that I urge people to implement GETTING THINGS DONE (GTD hereafter) with. This post’s purpose is to answer any questions … Continue reading

3 Minute Skull Piercing GTD

Source: Introduction: Want to re-live the first three chapters of GETTING THINGS DONE and don’t have a minute to lose? has posted a valiant attempt to distill the essence of David Allen’s genius here: Warning: If you have … Continue reading