3 Minute Skull Piercing GTD

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Want to re-live the first three chapters of GETTING THINGS DONE and don’t have a minute to lose? Brevedy.com has posted a valiant attempt to distill the essence of David Allen’s genius here:

*VIDEO: Getting Things Done® in 3 Minutes


If you have not yet turned the corner on getting GTD to work for you, this video might make you feel a little …

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let us say … overwhelmed. Too much organizational brain pain is as bad as not organizing at all. 

From my perspective as an educator, The hardest thing about GTD isn’t getting people to understand or internalize the workflow. The hardest part is to get people to implement the strategic GTD components:

  • Mind sweeps (one idea, one piece of paper)
  • Triage (gathering and processing work, without doing the work)
  • Reference filing (ScanSnap iX500 + Evernote Premium)
  • Desk reclamation (getting a clear desk which for most people means monitor arms, wireless keyboard and mouse)

Having taught GTD to 200 or so students, I find that NOBODY can read GTD (the book) and implement it. There is just too much going on in the work world for people to drop everything for a week to cut over.

When I give people a copy of the GTD book, I cut the binding in two at chapter 4. The first three chapters are enough for people to work on learning over their first year with GTD.  After a year, then the last 9 chapters can be consulted.

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