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  1. I have used Evernote randomly over the years and so have all kinds of junk in it.

    What should I do with all that before I start using it for GTD?

    Afraid it will clutter very thing…..


    • I’d say, leave everything in Evernote. Create a folder “OldStuff” and put all the documents you have now, into that folder. The way I use Evernote, I query 70% to find stuff, and then use folders for the rest. You won’t experience clutter of the old stuff if it is all in one place.

      Hope this helps!


  2. Hi Bill
    I’m new to Evernote and looked with interest at your note on Evernote Webclipper. So I already know that I can save a website to EN and launch it from there. This is good because I work at a major university in Central Texas and use lots of technology for my work at one of the major science centers. I saved about 25 must-have websites that I use on my tablet, work PC, home PC, and my traveling PC (that I use to take to work, for classes, etc.)… I’m not using EN on my phone and I won’t go into the reasons.
    So anyway, my question is will Webclipper save the webpages (or bookmarks) as a list in EN…..
    oH heck with it. I just downloaded it and it is in use by Chrome except that it doesn’t load. Well maybe I need to get out of my Chrome and reload. So I’ll send this to you and then leave and see how things go.
    btw… I noted with interest about your desk as it is kind of the same arrangement that mine is, although the front of everything is cluttered right now (just got EN on Friday)… the desktop looks pretty much like yours. I’m not sure what my Science Center was using it for, but when they got rid of it, I snagged it. Mine is 6′ x 30″ x 1″ and heavy, but that’s okay.
    Question, how is “Clearly” any different that Webclipper for saving things to be read later?
    Anyway, I’ll hopefully let you know how things turn out…


    • My comments after your text which I’m marking with a >

      >I just downloaded it and it is in use by Chrome except that it doesn’t load. Well maybe I need to get out of my Chrome and reload.

      Getting WebClipper to work, can be *tricky*. I have two-factor authentication turned on, which makes enabling web clipper (and Clearly) a *chore* as I have a windows phone which means I have no authenticator app, so I have to click “send me a code” and then copy the numerical code into the dialog box within 30 seconds. =Ucky.

      Restarting Chrome after adding Webclipper/Clearly is a good idea.

      > my question is will Webclipper save the webpages (or bookmarks) as a list in EN…..

      It saves either the article, entire page, or selection as you select in Webclipper. If you use Clearly, it will save the “simplified article” which often is my choice, as I like picking a big font (suitable for old people like myself).

      >how is “Clearly” any different that Webclipper for saving things to be read later?

      Sometimes Webclipper works, other times, Clearly. I like having both for the same reason that I have Safari, Firefox, and Chrome installed. = More reliable to have multiple ways to view/capture. That is, if Clearly can’t hack a complex web page, I’ll try Webclipper. My default is Clearly, but Clearly can’t process all web sites. So I often “fall back” to capturing a web page in Webclipper.

      Please reply back with your experiences!

      Bill Meade

      • Hi again… I checked out Clearly and Web Clipper. I like being able to use webclipper to download clippings which I can browse later. But I have also found out from my original post to you is that I can use a regular feature of EN and not Webclipper, to copy a website URL such as http://www.microsoft.com into EN on a note and then save it. This is just like opening it from my browser here at home. Doing it will clean up my browser at all my computers (home, work, and travelling netbook), since even unused bookmarks can eat up memory resources. I don’t really use my phone for internet usage except for a weather radar page. But being able to use a cloud note-taking application like EN is really going to GTD!
        I really like both, especially Clearly. One thing about it is something that many may not see… For instance, before I had Clearly, I saved some EN websites onto EN so I could browse them later. Always at the top of this one I saved which just happened to be the first one I saved, was a big banner which took up 3/4s of the space. Today, I used Clearly and it took away the banner and just gave me the title of the page. This was great, but I noticed something even better. The page that I had replaced had 1.1 MB of data. The new one saved today is 140 KB for data. Big difference on my future uploads that I can see.
        I also downloaded Skitch and while I can think of ways to use it, I have not done so yet.
        I am in the process of trying to looking for apps to process photos in such a way that I can upload them to the EN cloud but not take up data space. I also want to see if I can access them from the cloud like I do for pictures that I post onto Facebook. I learned sometime ago that I can right-click onto a picture and in the drop-down box, I will select “Copy Image URL” and then in Facebook on a comment section or a post, I will paste what I copied above and the picture I selected off the web will appear in Facebook. Made more sense to me to be able to copy words off the internet than whole pictures.
        Anyway that is what I’m doing at the moment. I’m also looking into EN security so I can just have one login sheet for all my passwords and security and it’ll be safe. I already have it written down for my login for EN and maybe that will be the only password I ever need remember again.
        See ya…. David

  3. Sorry to see your early blog retirement… been following your posts since you started. Take care.

  4. Hey Bill I love your Blog, Every time I’m researching some GTD gear you’re always one step ahead of me! Keep it up, I appreciate all you do my friend!

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