ScanSnap GTD Tricks #1: Next Action Stamp

As I was depositing a check with my ScanSnap this morning, I had the idea that I should post a few ScanSnap GTD tricks. Then Joe Terrana posted a comment to the 2014 Getting Started with Getting Things Done post, … Continue reading

Mac users, use your ScanSnap iX500 to scan to phone: Part 2 How?

Introduction: This post will step-by-step Macintosh users through getting our most excellent ScanSnap iX500 scanners, to scan directly to our smart phones. This journey began 2 posts ago with the discovery that when you set up ScanToPhone the first thing Fujitsu’s programmers … Continue reading

Think like a Fujitsu programmer to update the firmware on your ScanSnap iX500

Just a quick post to end the week. I’ve been working on a post showing step by step how to enable the ScanToPhone capability of the ScanSnap iX500 scanner. In the process of setting up ScanToPhone. The *first* thing that … Continue reading

What is “clear working space” on a desk? Involuntary Clutter Makeover for

Source:’s CAVE ESSENTIALS Introduction: I’m still reflecting on’s CAVE ESSENTIALS post. And while I think Rands has the perfect idea about the job of a desk: “A desk’s job is to build productivity, and for me, it achieves this by … Continue reading

Paperless Resolutions

Bits Are Better Than Atoms: Just noticed a Fujitsu ScanSnap on Amazon (not sold by Amazon so Caveat Emptor) for $350 which is just about $100 less than normal price for an iX500. Arrival is already after Christmas, but for … Continue reading

GTDesk 2016

Before office picture with books I read therefore i am leads to having too many books. About 5000 too many to be exact. So I consulted my engineering teacher friends and asked the best way to cut bindings off books … Continue reading