Number 3 Reason GTDers Don’t Use Evernote … after installing Evernote

TLDR: Why people set up and then don’t use Evernote The first reason is that implementing GTD changes too many things at once. So, Evernote, even if it is installed and working, won’t be used. Evernote is a sub-casualty of … Continue reading

Number 2 Reason GTDers Don’t Use Evernote After Installing Evernote

Reason #2: De-Stress Inebriation OK, you implemented GTD and emerged from the cut-over. You changed everything and somehow, you are out the other side, now you’ve entered into the GTD honeymoon. Murder on a honeymoon … happens, surprisingly … often. … Continue reading

3 click image capture with Evernote Web Clipper

Source: Booboo via BookPorn A key use of Web Clipper is to capture images you’d like to review later. You can capture pretty much any graphic on the internet in 3 clicks. For example, during my daily BookPorn fix on April 3, 2014. … Continue reading

What is Evernote Clearly?

Clearly it is … not all that clear … what Clearly is … Evernote has a web page at: that shows you how Clearly works and what you can do with it. WTGTD? Given that Web Clipper exists … why does … Continue reading

What is Evernote Web Clipper?

Web Clipper is … Evernote has a web page at that shows you how Web Clipper works, and, what you can do with Web Clipper. I have not read Evernote’s entire web site, but it seems to me that Evernote … Continue reading

Number 1 Reason GTDers Don’t Use Evernote … after installing Evernote

Source: Corbis TLDR: You can do both GTD and Evernote if: You read only chapters 1-3 of GTD, then implement Evernote as your reference filing system, don’t forget to install three Evernote add ons, be well rested when you work … Continue reading

Evernote OCR: A quick look

As a doctoral student in the late 1980s, I began reading biographies of scientists. The first biography I read was Charles Darwin’s Autobiography ($0.00 in Kindle store). Early in the book (p 54 L 800) Darwin talks about his organization system … Continue reading

Evernote Two Factor Authentication: Part 2 Step-by-Step

Introduction: This is the 2nd post in a 2-part series on Evernote 2 factor authentication.  The first post (here) explains what 2 factor authentication is and why it is good.  And then this post points you to a Rick Broida … Continue reading