Evernote abandonment poll

Reason #1 GTD Users Abandon Evernote sparked 50 times the page views of a normal RestartGTD.com post.

Today I’d like to:

  • Ask GTD users who have abandoned Evernote … Why? Or,
  • Ask non-GTD folks who have tried and abandoned Evernote … Why?

GTD users fill in this poll: Choose one best answer or write in a better answer

Non GTD users fill in this poll: Choose one best answer or write in a better answer

3 thoughts on “Evernote abandonment poll

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  2. I haven’t given up on Evernote, but the option of “Moving all my paper into Evernote was too hard” rang true. Not that that’s a criticism of Evernote, and my S1500 helps a lot, but scanning still takes time.

    • Have you triaged your paper before starting to scan? If so, what algorithm did you use?

      When I teach GTD classes I bring the scanner to class, give everyone 2 big boxes labeled “RECYCLE” and “SCAN” and then have students bring a humongous box of their paper with them to class. Then, before they scan, they have to triage their 1 box into the 2 boxes I give them. How? Going document-by-document and for each asking: “Will there ever be a next action?” If no, then recycle, if maybe or yes, then scan.

      I had 94,000 pages of paper before moving to Portlandia, and I scanned the 17,500 pages that might ever have a next action in 4 solid afternoons.


      p.s. Don’t you owe me some snap shots of your awesome new desk? :-)

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