3 click image capture with Evernote Web Clipper

Source: Booboo via BookPorn

A key use of Web Clipper is to capture images you’d like to review later. You can capture pretty much any graphic on the internet in 3 clicks. For example, during my daily BookPorn fix on April 3, 2014. I saw the above image. Having a 5,000 volume library, I have a soft spots for book pornography. I thought “That is the smartest looking G Pig I’ve ever seen. Might be useful for a blog post, I’ll grab it.”

Once you have Evernote Web clipper installed, here is how easy it is to capture a graphic in three mouse clicks:

Once the image is inside Evernote, the note looks like this (*Note* the web link is captured along with the graphic):

Simple really!

bill meade

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