Perfect GTD Desk V5.0 Upgrade!

Before: The converted Ikea Conference Table GTD desk has been looking ragged, ever since I plugged the pre-cut trap door cut-out. I’ve been meaning to recover the desk for years, but three moves in three years = no veneer. Instead … Continue reading

What is GTD Warm Boot Step #1?

Where Does a New Work Flow Start? The Author @ HP Boise Legal Circa 2001 The last time I had a cube in corporate America, the cube came with 4 walls. Apparently, a few things have changed since “back in … Continue reading

“Just a small fire on the motherboard”

Introduction: Well, it has been my computer boot camp week for the year.  Every year, another boot camp.  This year it started last Tuesday June 11th when I noticed that my 27″ iMac was off and could not be turned … Continue reading