Random 3×5 card/desk … like water cam

Random 3×5 card/desk … like water cam

I’ve got a great GTD flow going this morning!  Off to school for meetings this afternoon, but I have the 3×5 card + upgraded desk working together.  When I’m working at this desk, I’m smiling.  

How do you feel about your desk?  

Have a great flow-filled GTD afternoon!!!! 

bill meade 

p.s., Here is what happens to the cards when I move to the other office: Step 1 gathering … 

Step 2: keeping separate 

2 thoughts on “Random 3×5 card/desk … like water cam

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  2. Bill,

    In short - this looks really great. I’ll have to see if my local IKEA has a conference table in the “as-is” section, if not, I can afford a new one. I was originally going to go with a “regular” GALANT desk but it ultimately isn’t a lot more for the conference table model, which gives you extra space and the built-in cable management (versus buying the add on accessories for the desk).


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