GTD technology deal alert!!!!

If you are a true GTDer and you are tired of how long it takes to make a folder label (A folder a minute?  Really, you think that is fast?), or if you are maybe-wanna-be-GTDer who hasn’t been able to pull the trigger on a label maker or label printer.  There is a good deal right now at Office Depot:

and the little bird that told me about this deal also told me that s/he when into the Office Depot store, and negotiated the price of a ScanSnap S1500 down to $390!!!  Normally ScanSnaps are $416 Win and $419 Mac at Amazon.  

And, little bird is going to order the scanner [i’m guessing got a special code] on Office Depot’s web store.  So the moral of this story is if you a negotiation kind of person, you can *maybe* go into Office Depot and pull the trigger on that ScanSnap you’ve had in your Amazon cart, but could not click the order button on.  :-) 

bill meade 

p.s., If there are other little birds out there that see deals on GTD stuff, please email me [email protected] and let me know. I can’t turn into another site, but GTD stuff is hard to find discounted.  And the discounts may make wanna-be-GTDers do the next action of building GTD infrastructure.