Get off the paperless fence!!!!

Scansnap Deal! has an almost $100 lower than Amazon price on the ScanSnap S1500.  

If you’ve been agonizing over whether the ScanSnap is worth the price, buy now, you’ll only cry once! 

I have a ScanSnap S1500M that I used to go paperless with GTD.  I started with 94,000 pages of paper, and then looked at every paper document and asked myself “Will I ever have a next action with this?” and if the answer was no, I recycled the paper, if the answer was maybe or yes, I scanned.  I scanned 20% of my 94,000 pages (17,500 pages) in four days with the S1500M.  

Four days to organization, because I can now find virtually every document more easily with Evernote, than I ever could with SteelCase.

Do it.  Do it now! 

bill meade 

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