How not to set up a Brother QL-570


I had this great idea!  Take the QL-570 label printer that is 4x as fast as David Allen’s alphanumeric label printer, and mount it on the under side of my desk.  Then, whenever I print a label, I can just put my hand under my desk, wait for the label to drop into my hand, and *poof* a no-look label! 

The “mr blurry cam” picture looks like this: 

To take this picture, I am laying on the floor, looking up at the under-side of my desk.  The QL-570 is in the lower right hand corner.  The silver objects are the Galant Legs and the white surface is the under side of the Galant conference table that has become SON OF THE PERFECT GTD DESK.  

Don’t do this at home

First, because the rolls of Brother file folder labels will not stay secure when the printer is upside down.  And second, because even if you secure the folder label tape into the printer, the paper handling and printing mechanisms don’t work upside down.  :-(

But, it was fun with double sided sticky tape!  And, if this had worked, I would have removed one more item of visual clutter from around my desk.  


bill meade