Book Recommendation Direct from David Allen


Received book advice from David Allen Friday:

“BTW, if you haven’t got it yet, absolutely get the new book
out - The Organized Mind- by Daniel Levitin. A tome of
research validating GTD principles (amongst a lot
of other stuff).”

To order click here. I’ve ordered but am not very far in yet. I’ll update this post with some sound bites from the book as I make my way through. Another book like THE ORGANIZED MIND that is very good (with an interview of David Allen and an example of Drew Carey implementing GTD) is WILLPOWER by Baumeister and Tierney. 

It *looks* to me like both THE ORGANIZED MIND and WILLPOWER would be ideal to read via That is, install the app on phone and listen while on your commute.


2 thoughts on “Book Recommendation Direct from David Allen

  1. Wait, you’re telling your readers to “absolutely get” a book you’ve ordered but haven’t read?

    • No, but yes. David Allen said “absolutely get” which my readers probably think more of than my opinion. I thought enough to buy the book and start reading it. And I’ll report on what I find, as I have with previous books like WILLPOWER, later.

      I’ve edited the post and put David Allen’s words in quotations to clear up this misunderstadning.

      Thanks for the comment! We don’t get many blog comments around here!

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