Bigfoot Spotted!

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Just received “bigfoot” letter from David Allen’s VP of Legal. Check it out:


= Death sentence for this blog.

I can’t see changing the name to “RestartX”
where X = That Book David Allen Wrote

= Evangelist exterminated.

I’m not going to fight. I’ll erase all blog posts on Sunday when my work for this week permits.

Writing RestartX has been fun!!!

Good luck everyone in staying with that book that David Allen wrote!

Bill Meade

7 thoughts on “Bigfoot Spotted!

  1. Bill,
    Don’t go…adjust. If you can figure out all those various ways to make your desk work just right,my ou can figure this out! I really enjoy your content.


  2. So sorry to hear this. Yours is the best site ever. If not for this site I would not have attempted GTD. This is a real shame.

  3. Bill - Thanks so much for sharing your experiences and wisdom on this site.

  4. I think it’s interesting that the only reason I know about your site is because David Allen linked to you via Twitter. He must have not been to upset about the “misuse”.

  5. Honestly, the letter doesn’t seem all that heavy-handed. The most onerous request seems to be changing the domain name. Sure, that’ll be a hassle and a blow to your stats, but it’s hardly a death sentence. Don’t stop now, you’ve got readers who still want to see more of your stuff.

    • I think @Eurobubba is right … this is not a horrible takedown notice, it’s really a rather nice request that you add a few disclaimers, be more careful to add copyright/trademark information, and yes, change the domain name. Honestly, with a little SEO help — and probably there are a few SEO experts among your readers who could help — you can redirect traffic and probably keep your SEO juice flowing.

  6. Genuinely sorry to hear this Bill… I always enjoyed your posts and thoughts on GTD and thought they were a valuable addition to the GTD ecosystem.

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