Poll: What GTD tools did not work for you?

Buzz Bruggeman of Active Words Fame asked about doing a survey on what tools people have tried to implement GTD with, that have failed.  A great idea!  Hat tip Buzz!

If your (failed) tool is not listed, you can nominate it with a write in “Other” at the bottom.  Also, don’t even THINK about not voting because you’ve failed with so many systems.  This poll will allow you to write in and vote for as many options as you’ve worked with.

0 thoughts on “Poll: What GTD tools did not work for you?

  1. I use outlook and todooledo they sync up great and then todooledo sync to all kinds of app for iPad and Android. Actually I am hardly ever in Outlook now, but it is there and syncing.

    • I’m doing a logically identical thing, but instead of using outlook, I’m using Google mail. Because I’m on a mac, my address book syncs directly with Google, and I use Google Calendar to the exclusion of Exchange now. My Exchange server is underneath a firewall, and the communities (wife, consulting partner, etc.) that I interact with, need to see my calendar. So Google is the path of least resistance. My main email is through iCloud but I may just flip it over to Google mail because Gmail supports IMAP with a couple clicks of the mouse.

  2. Again I need a multiple choice answer. Outlook (no native concept of a project), OneNote (basically a paper system), Paper (the list is too long and changes too fast), RTM (never got off the ground), TodoodleDo (same), Mac software (no Mac and too much Windows in my life that I can’t opt out of so it has to be cross platform), ActiveWords (never thought of that as a GTD system, just a way to move faster).

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