Give clutter air!

Just saw a creative inspiring post on apartment therapy.  The idea is to use the Asker counter organizer from Ikea.  


Ikea Spotting has a similar desk arrangement with tons of Ikea storage tools that get the clutter up above the desk so the workers won’t see the clutter on the desk.  This does not hold the laptop up with a dish drainer (Wow!), but you can imagine yourself sitting at this desk and getting things done.  


As I hypothesized in the post on the “good enough” home desk, I think that the surface of the desk being clear is critical to my clear headedness.  Not saying that this is for everyone, but it works for me.  

I would alter the above two desks by raising the hanging bars 6″ each.  That gives you surface to 6″ up that is clutter free.  Next, I would get all the device clutter (speakers, iPhone dock, iMac stand) off the desk with either arms or more Asker hangers.  No wires.  No clutter.  No hangups to thinking with your hands on the desk surface.  

bill meade 

One thought on “Give clutter air!

  1. I know myself. I’d get this all set up and then I’d be piling things on the desktop LOL. i’m a clutterer. I’m trying to learn to handle things once only. hard lesson.

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