FANTASTIC LifeHacker video on David Allen’s desk

Stumbled across this excellent link today:

Looking at Allen’s desk, I think I have a hypochondriacal clutter phobia.  Allen’s desk looked:

  • Too cluttered: Allen’s work surface is filled with infrastructure with no place to spread paper out!  Get that laser printer under the desk out of the way!
  • Too small:  Dude you are a GTDzillionaire, get a  bigger space and some really cool surfaces (Apple store display table sized desks at an incline?) to support you!
  • Too little slide to side room: Yes, the desk works.  But, it could be much better if the dark side of the force (clutter) was completely cleared out. and you could articulate paper onto a blank surface for organization.
  • I’m sorry, those are boring paper trays.  You know an artist somewhere who can give you organization with art.  Check out this and visualize a tree with multiple removable trays hovering over your desk.  Or check out Shaun Fynn’s (/Design/Desktop Accessories) amazing paper trays which clear your desk but keep stuff accessible.



Great review of GTD and desk at the same time.  Highly recommended.

If you have not already seen my review of my GTD desk, you can check it out here.

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2 thoughts on “FANTASTIC LifeHacker video on David Allen’s desk

  1. I think that from the surface of the desk, to up 6″ must be empty to have a clear mind. David Allen disagrees, and that is fine, HE IS THE EXPERT, I’m just trying to articulate what makes my mind-like-water happen at my desks (I have 3). If David’s inboxes work for you, great! But I think Shayn Fynn’s inboxes are way cooler and more functional in that they work without cluttering the surface up to 6″ off the desk. GTD isn’t about obedience to the dogma emanating from DavidCo. GTD is about discovery of what works. The GTD framework is a set of rules that set you free.

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