Traveling GTD Desk Zoo


I stumbled into a great article from 2008 that was looking back at desks designed in 1996.  All these designs and designers are new to me.  They form a kind of traveling desk zoo for the enjoyment of folk.   


This sports fans, is a 35 meter desk!  A single desk!  Now THAT is space to spread out into!  Called the “carte blanche love table” by designer  Edouard François



Fun Facts: 

  • The cacti are called “vegetable barbed wire” and were incorporated to create a sense of private property and distance
  • Everyone works at the same table, but each person has their own space Genius!!!!
  • has a bunch of other cool 1996 desk concepts in a collection called Carte Blanch 

Carte Blanche Collection High Points:

 For example: Bram Boo’s OVERDOSE


 Annabelle d’Huart’s Studiolo


 … and …



Bulo’s motto is “LOVE YOUR OFFICE” and the above desks were developed around the following theme:  

The basic idea behind the Carte Blanche concept, created in 1996, is to invite creative people to express their vision of the ideal workplace, free from any constraints.


bill meade 

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