Ikea declares “death to cable clutter”!!!!

Mercurynews.com is carrying a story about the new UPPLEVA (the Swedish word for experience) line of integrated media and furniture.  These will feature:

  • LED TV (24″ to 46″)
  • Sound system
  • Wireless bass speakers
  • Internet access
  • CD, DVD, Blue-ray players
  • And a single remote to rule them all
  • $1,000 and up

Source: gdgt.com

Ikea’s groundbreaking market research discovered:

  • People don’t like to look at cable clutter
  • People don’t like having 4 to 6 remotes in the living room
  • People want fewer electronic boxes in the living room

OK Ikea, now, how about integrated computers and Galant desks?


bill meade





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