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In addition to writing RestartGTD, I have another blog around my “PatentGeek” consulting. I am a former patent portfolio manager for Hewlett-Packard’s LaserJet Group, and I love “lighting up” inventors to produce more and higher quality inventing than their legal departments can imagine.  

I’ve developed a “How To Invent” course and launched it on  If you are interested in the business side of intellectual property, you might enjoy checking the course out.  It is free until it exits beta testing, and it is very step by step: how do ideas make money, how ideas are captured, and how ideas are enabled, 14 lectures in all with homework and multiple choice quizzes.  

Here are the details

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Here is the 2 minute promotion for the class:

And here is the syllabus:

Udemy Online Courses from the World s Experts


The course is wide open, you can step your way through all 14 lectures without having to watch them by clicking the check button in the lower right hand corner of each lecture screen.    

Udemy Online Courses from the World s Experts

Each lecture is downloadable (1) and PDFs of all the presentation slides (2) are downloadable as well.

Udemy Online Courses from the World s Experts

Please take a peek at the course and send me questions, ideas (thank you Darren!), and suggested refinements!  I’m

bill meade