Random Desk-Like-Water-CAM Picture

Updated picture of the GTD desk:

Yesterday while cranking out an updated MBA Marketing Syllabus, I was spreading my paper out, web surfing, stacking, organizing, and I had the idea that I should take a picture and share it.  First, this should demonstrate that the desk isn’t filling up with crap.  Every piece of paper on the desk is focused on one project: MBA504 Syllabus update.  I had to push, but I completed a two day update job in one day, largely thanks to having a clear workspace and being able to stay in GTD flow for an afternoon.

Here’s a picture with callouts:


*Note* If you need to get people to change, SWITCH: How to change things when change is hard is the best book on motivating change that I’ve read in 30 years.  Highly recommended.