Ok, the “off the GTD wagon” poll is now closed.  The results for 234 votes are as follows:

Getting overwhelmed with next actions is a problem in starting up GTD.  No question.  I look at the “Inertia” and “Snap Back” answers as kind of the same thing, scoring 46 votes. IT IS VERY EASY once you get into GTD, to never do that first weekly review.  I “have a friend” who has coasted with GTD for 3 years without doing a systematic weekly review.

I also seen the “Panic” and wonder if it should be lumped in with the #1 alternative of “Overwhelmed” or with #3 “Pushed out of GTD by crisis or situation.”  Or maybe all three should be lumped together?  There is definitely a mental game of GTD that needs to be played to stay on the wagon.

Please comment if you see anything I’ve missed.