Evernote deal!!!

Evernote Deal!!!

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Source: Macheist.com 

Dave Fobert (a.k.a. Bureucat), a RestartGTD reader reported yesterday:

  • A file cabinet empty of scannable stuff since January 2012, and … 
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  • A deal on Evernote!!!   The source is Macheist but this deal may work for Windows Evernote users as well, Evernote is platform agnostic.  To be sure, ask Evernote, their online chat is great!.  

    Literature and Latte that makes Scrivener (also in this bundle) also makes a Windows version, but you should check with the company directly (sales@literatureandlatte.com) to see if the Mac activation code will work in the windows version.  I don’t know about windows versions for any of the other programs.    

    *Note* Macheist donates 25% of each purchase to charity … that you get to select!

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  • Source: macheist.com

  • The deal is: 
  • $30 for the software which gives you 15 months of Evernote Premium for no extra charge.  Here is what your Evernote.  I bought and activated through Macheist and the renewal date for my account moved from July 2013 to October 2014.   
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  • The bundle also contains Scrivener and Firetask which are candidates for inclusion in your GTD system
  • Scrivener is based on 3×5 cards.  You build up word processing documents from 3×5 cards with ideas.  Then, when you need to restructure or rewrite a document, you can move the cards around and the content will move with the card and save labor.  That’s what I understand of the theory of Scrivener.   I own Scrivener and love 3×5 cards, but have not been able to get my head around writing with Scrivener, … yet.   
  • Firetask looks like a pretty task manager.  I have not used Firetask, I just took a quick look at it.